Dopo il Fearless Coyote della sesta RC del Kernel Linux, Torvalds annuncia finalmente anche la settima release candidate, che sembra proporsi come l’ultima edizione del Kernel prima del rilascio finale.

Il Kernel Linux 4.10 RC7 inserisce ancora fix driver legati al networking, alle GPU ed agli account HID, diversi aggiornamenti legati alle architetture (x86, sparc powerp, alcuni arm64 crypto) e vari legati ai cosiddetti “misc”: filesystems, VM, scripting genksysm ecc. Vi riporto l’annuncio ufficiale:

Hey, look at that – it’s all been very quiet, and unless anything bad
happens, we’re all back to the regular schedule with this being the
last rc.

Of course, when I actually looked at my calendar, I realized that if
that actually happens, the next merge window will be awkward for me
due to travel, so it turns out that I should never have hoped for
things calming down in the first place. But I’ve done merge windows
during travels before, so it’s not like it would necessarily be a big

And anything might happen during the next week anyway.

Anyway, rc7 is pretty small, with about half being driver fixes
(networking, GPU and HID accounts for most of it), 20% arch updates
(x86, sparc powerp, some arm64 crypto) and the rest is “misc”:
filesystems, generic networking, VM, genksyms scripting etc.

Anche in questo caso, il nome rimane quello precedente.