Summertime Saga 0.15.3 rilasciato: i pervertiti gioiranno (Savegame download)

Appena rilasciata l’ultima edizione di Summertime Saga, ovvero la 0.15.3, il famoso gioco NSWF per Android/PC/Linux/Mac OS che farà la gioia dei pervertiti. Il gioco è particolarmente famoso per essere praticamente, a detta di molti, uno dei migliori NSWF in circolazione.

Un ragazzo piuttosto particolare.

Ecco di seguito la lista dei cambiamenti:

Summertime Saga v0.15.1 Changelog:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Judith texting you constantly
  • Fixed minigame timer bars behaving inconsistently across different devices
  • Fixed retarded mac save crash
  • Fixed stupid beach house not going away
  • Fixed day images at night in school

Summertime Saga v0.15 Changelog:

New locations:

  • School : Right hallway, Assembly hall, Bridget’s office, Students lockers
  • Map : Beach house
  • Forest : Waterfall, Cave
  • Front yards : Church, Library, Gym

Main Menu & UI:

  • Cookie Jar feature : allows players to unlock, collect and replay all hscenes
  • Menu time spent in-game counter
  • Menu and in-game VFX improvements (clouds)
  • Removed Goal Tracker temporarily

New Characters :

  • French teacher
  • Music teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Art teacher
  • Students (Eve, Erik, Kevin, Roxxy, Judith, Annie, Dexter, Chad, Mia) buttons across the school

New Minigames :

  • A guitar hero-like minigame
  • Quizzes for French, Art and Science.

New hscenes:

  • 3 animated for Dewitt
  • 1 animated and 4 lewd for Okita
  • 1 animated and 1 lewd for Bissette
  • 1 animated and 2 lewd for Ross
  • Annie, Roxxy, Eve, and Judith lewd scenes

New dialogues:

  • School intro
  • Randomised PA announcements
  • Some characters have had their dialogues modified due to Patreon guidelines patch (boo!)

Rework of the codebase:

  • New Location system, that will be implemented in the near future
  • New method for doing minigames, and old minigames being redone with this method (it will fix the timer bars being faster/slower depending on device specs)
  • New Items management solution, in order to fix save file compatibility issues.
  • Some old characters have been moved to the new FSM (Functional State Machine) flow, begone, deprecated Events system !
  • General cleanup of the codebase, removing old unused variables, and working towards a more object-oriented codebase
  • Reworking the overall structure of the codebase, to allow more efficient work, and less merge conflicts
  • Ability to add descriptions to your saved games

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Judith texting you constantly
  • Fix minigame timer bars behaving inconsistently across different devices

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Changelog versione 0.15.2

  • Fixed Erik sneak into school block when there are no ticks left.
  • Fixed not being able to ask Debbie where to get paint if you have paint already.
  • Fixed the magazine items to show how many you have completed already.
  • Fixed the robed dialogue appearing during the day instead of during the sneak mission.
  • Added a dialogue for Ross at the end of her story while in the classroom.
  • Added a hint to the librarian for the poem book quest.
  • Fixed Invisa-Woman.
  • Added a reminder to get the shovel before you can work in the garden.
  • Added a skip option to the music minigame if you fail 3 times.
  • Fixed an error in the science minigame if you clicked a 4th ingridient before it could finish.
  • Added dialogue for Coach Bridget when she is in her office.
  • Fixed Jenny’s panties not being added to the inventory even when paid for. (Rip off Jenny)

Changelog versione 0.15.3

  • Fixed the Diane garden shovel check being inverted.
  • Fixed mia referring to the old homework instead of the new dictionary quest.
  • Fixed Jenny stealing more money from you than you have when you buy her panties. (Goddammit Jenny)
  • Fixed Okita goggles giving an error due to her period. (this period ., not the one you’re thinking. Perv)
  • Fixed the attic key not being taken when you try to take it. (evasion skill level 100)
  •  Fixed paying Jenny to help convince Roxxy not actually taking money. (Jenny is so confusing at times)
  • Fixed Okita key-code item giving an error when looking at it from the inventory.


Potete scaricare Summertime Saga 0.15.3 da qui.

Scaricate invece i salvataggi per Summertime Saga 0.15.3 da qui [LINK AGGIORNATO!].

P.S: inserite i salvataggi nella cartella Summertime Saga–>Game–>Saves.

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